Why Sell With Us

Good marketing is all about good exposure and getting to the right audience, below is the process we go through to ensure your property is being marketed to its full potential so that we achieve the best return available for you and a quick sale for us.

The first step is to go through the marketing agreement and to check the paperwork is correct, many agents misrepresent their properties by either not checking the vendors paperwork correctly or simply stating the property has a title deed that it hasn’t, this only results in the sale breaking down during the sale procedure, normally at the lawyer stage.

We visit your property and carry out an inspection, during this inspection we will advise you of any changes we feel that might make the property more attractive to the general public.

We will take photographs of the property, if the light is not correct or we feel the photographs are below standard then we will return and take more photographs. We often request any additional photographs you may have, night shots or sunsets can make the property look completely different, every little detail helps.

The write up is as important as the photographs, an accurate description is essential as this is one of the ways the purchaser will decide if he/she would like to proceed further before seeing the property, we will make your property as attractive as possible highlighting all of its best features.

We always request that we fit a sign to the outside of the property or put a sign in the window, the more people that know the property is for sale the more chance you have of selling. We have hundreds of phone calls a year from people who have seen the for sale sign and have telephoned us, that is why all the signs are numbered, we can then cross reference the number on the sign and give full details then and there.

Once we have set up the first draft we invite you to inspect the proposed write up and photographs, nobody knows your property better than you, so your feedback is essential.

We then print out the marketing sheets which are then distributed:

One copy is displayed in the office window, rotated monthly.
A second copy is placed in the viewing files left outside the office.
The third copy is printed out ready to be handed out to people enquiring about the property; these sheets include information about the areas local to the property, this helps the customer decide if the area is suitable for them.

The property is also marketed on our website: www.ncestateagents.com  The advert on the website has a full write up including photographs and a video, the video is also shared on our personal YouTube channel and Facebook. We advertise your property within forty eight hours of visiting your property and ensure the website is always up to date, the site is also mobile friendly which in today’s modern world is essential. The advert is then forwarded and marketed on Zoopla / Right Move / Prime Location / 101 Evlar, in addition to this the advert is sent to our other agents with sites in other countries for marketing such as the UK, Iran and Turkey to name just a few. We also periodically market our properties in the local newspapers and the ‘Property’ magazine. Our marketing doesn’t end there, we have maps and leaflets that we distribute in local supermarkets, hire cars, hotel lobbies and shortly airport arrivals, we even advertise on LinkedIn.

All enquiries come to the office and all of our staff mobile devices which means the customer is replied to even when the office is closed and out of hours, dedication is just one quality required to work at NCEA.

We also mailshot our properties on a rotor system, this is important as we have many customers waiting for certain properties to come on the market, this highlights the properties they may be waiting for.

Selling your property is not about luck, it takes effort, money and experience to ensure your property is advertised correctly to the right audience.

We are always striving to better ourselves and to find new ways to market properties to a larger audience and as you can see from the places we advertise we are very happy to pay good money to reach the right audience, not all estate agents have the same ethos.

We are available seven days a week for viewings, this isn’t a nine to five job and we are willing to work all the hours necessary to meet the customer’s requirements.

With so many customers having never been to Cyprus before we regularly assist the viewing trip for them, this may be a simple transfer requirement or hotel and car hire. Our services start at the customer’s point of departure coming to Cyprus not when they walk into the office.

As one of the most respected estate agents on the island our good name will undoubtedly assist in the selling of your property.

If your current estate agent isn’t doing the same as us then your with the wrong agent.

Should you feel that there is more that we could do to market your property please advise us as we are always looking for new ideas to make our service even better.