Buying Guide


Here at NCEA we feel we are different from other estate agents, why? Because we won’t just sell you a property we will guide you through the whole purchasing procedure using our experience and local knowledge, this starts from viewing the properties from your own home to registering the electric bill in your name.

Purchasing a property abroad will be very exciting but for some it will also be quite daunting, we are here to ensure the whole buying process is enjoyable, safe and well advised.

The process starts with you viewing property from the comfort of your own home via the internet, you find a property that you are interested in and you send the all-important first email. Most buyers won’t know who they have made contact with; the biggest isn’t necessarily the best, to a degree its pot luck if you find a good agent, don’t leave it to luck.

Your enquiry with us will be answered quickly with a request for as much information as possible with regards to your property requirements. This will ensure we give you the most choice of properties that meet your criteria, if you are unsure of the areas, we will advise you what each area has to offer with all its positive and negative points.

The viewing trip, we can help you book the entire viewing trip or simply just meet you when you are here in North Cyprus, the amount of help we give, if any, is up to you.

You’re now in North Cyprus viewing properties, like any foreign country there will probably be laws that you are unaware of that may have an impact on the type of property you would like to purchase or what the purpose of the purchase is. We are more than happy to spend time with you explaining the local rules and regulations prior to viewing; we can even visit a local English speaking solicitor who can go through this as well for peace of mind.

You have now fallen in love with a villa and agreed a price with the vendor….now STOP. Before parting with the deposit we need to know that the property has the correct paperwork, we will either have copies of the documents to verify that the property has the correct deeds or we can request a solicitor verifies the paperwork.

We only require a minimal deposit; this can even be given to the solicitor. Some agents request unjustifiably large amounts of money to secure the property, this is not necessary. If during the buying procedure something comes to light that affects the purchase and you are unable to proceed due to a legal issue a full refund will be given.

Should you require a survey we can recommend a fully qualified UK surveyor who can carry out a full survey completed in the same way as it’s done in the UK. If this comes back with a major fault a full refund will be given.

Picking a good solicitor is vital, you require a solicitor who can explain things clearly and is competent in his/her duties. We can recommend someone who can do all of this and is competitively priced, the solicitor will carry out all the necessary checks on the property in the same manner that you would expect to find in the UK, you can be very confident that when you leave to go back to the UK your interests are the priority and you won’t have any bills or taxes in the future you are not aware of.

Now you own a property in Cyprus, what’s next?

The majority of other agents will smile and say thank you, we continue to work with you until all the minor tasks have been completed. There are a lot of small tasks that you are required to do such as register for electric/ water which is a minor job but a major inconvenience if you don’t know where to start, we will assist you with this and many other similar tasks. Should you require any assistance with any maintenance issues or property management / holiday lettings, our own in house staff specialising in these fields we will undoubtedly be able to help.

So what’s our gain in offering to help you for no financial gain? Simple, recommendation. Being recommended after receiving a good service is the ultimate form of marketing, we know that people who have been treated well are more likely to use you again and openly recommend you to friends and family, this is our payment.

Our mission statement is ‘To set the standards of home buying with honesty and integrity’ and we would like you to be the judge of this.