Gardening Services

Green Fingers Garden Maintenance

Gardening in North Cyprus can really make your property stand out and there are some wonderful plants indigenous to Northern Cyprus. A well maintained garden is a joy to enjoy and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


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Maintenance however is not so easy and here’s where NCEA come in.  We offer a top of the range garden service to ensure that your garden is well tendered and looking its best all year round so you and your guests can enjoy its full potential. As requested we can make regular visits and we offer a wide range of services to cater for your garden.

Our gardeners are fully experienced in recognizing how to care for your garden and maintain the plants and trees as no garden is the same.

Our services include mowing, watering, feeding and seeding as well as pruning, weeding and edging. We can also arrange the installment of a sprinkler system which really makes a difference in the soaring heat to keep your plants pristine.

We also offer a gravel service and install weed membrane systems to reduce and counter act weed growth.

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